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survived. kerry sanders tonight, thank you. >>> president obama was in west virginia today, carrying out one of the toughest duties any president has, serving as comforter in chief for the grieving. in this case, the loved ones of those 29 coal miners lost in a mining disaster just three weeks ago. nbc's mike viqueira reports tonight from beckley, west virginia. >> nothing i or the vice president or the governor, none of the speakers here today, nothing we say can fill the hole they leave in your hearts. or the absence that they leave in your lives. >> reporter: it's been three weeks since the worst mine disaster in 40 years. 29 west virginia miners lost at the upper big branch. today, after the catastrophe and the controversy, a time to mourn. >> these miners lived as they died, in pursuit of the american dream. >> reporter: friends, family, and fellow miners gathered in beckley, the heart of coal country, where they heard president obama pledge the lives lost at the mine would not be in vain. >> our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy. to do what
>>> on our broadcast tonight, the mine disaster in west virginia. the agonizing wait. the search for survivors and the company's safety record. >>> a state of emergency for a key american ally. what it could mean for the u.s. war effort. >>> chain reaction. why some smokers get lung cancer d others don't. something new tonight that could lessen the risk. >>> and air rage. what more can they charge for? the anger over an airline's plan to charge to carry on a bag. tonight we'll hear from the man in charge. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> good evening. we received word late today several ambulances were moving toward the entrance of that mine in west virginia. while we wanted to be hopeful tonight, there is no such news from deep in the ground. there they are still drilling holes into the mine, but the air is too toxic and dangerous and a setback for the rescue evident. while nothing will save the 25 confirmed dead, there is a lot of attention being paitonight to the safety record of this mining company. we have it all covered this evenin
>>> on our broadcast here tonight -- desperate hours at that mine disaster in west virginia. an amid the staggering death toll, new questions now about the mining company's safety record. >>> what did he say on live television about why a big american ally has been acting strange lately? >>> a matter of faith during a huge scandal, the catholic church makes a big change in a big part of america. >>> making a difference for children who are facing the fight of their lives. >>> and the latest outrage in the air. >>> and the latest outrage in the air. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television it was a catastrophic explosion deep under ground and the loss of life is staggering, even for the coal mining industry in west virginia that has seen so much tragedy over the years. tonight, 25 miners are dead. another four are still missing. there's a herculean and urgent effort under way by rescuers to drill several holes as deep as 1200 feet down to release trapped gas inside the mine. our correspondents have been covering this tragedy ever since first wo
ignore recommendation not to land? >>> mine tragedy in west virginia. we now know what happened to the last of those missing miners and why the search took so long. >>> a a adoption scandal. the latest tonight on the little boy put on a plane alone, sent back to russia by the american woman who adopted him. >>> and the mystery, a first look in years at the relic some believe is holy. others say it's hype. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening from the white house and capitals around the world, condolences are being offered tonight to the people of poland after a tragic plane crash that has claimed the lives of that country's president, his wife and many other prominent officials. in all, 97 people died when the jet went down on a flight from warsaw to russia. tonight the polish government, an important american ally is devastated by the loss of not only its president, but its deputy foreign minister, head of national security, and a number of lawmakers who are among the victims. tonight at this late hour, back in warsaw, an outpouring of emotion continue
of the oldest justice, a new fight looms over a replacement. >>> at the mine disaster in west virginia, as families begin burying the lost, the rescue effort enters a desperate stage. >>> adoption scandal. why would an american parent send a russian boy back home all alone? and what now for other american whose want to adopt? >>> making a difference by giving people exactly what they need. >>> also tonight, guess who may be engaged again? "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. former president gerald ford once said it would be fine with him if his entire presidency was judged only by the man he put on the supreme court. president ford had just one chance to name one justice and he chose john paul stevens of chicago. a recent poll showed only about 1% of americans knew his name, but his rulings as a justice affected every american in this country. today justice john paul stevens, the oldest member of the court, the most senior justice, the leading liberal announced he's leaving the bench. president obama now gets to appoint his second
-universal television >>> good evening. we begin with a breaking news story out of west virginia where there has been an accident and apparent explosion in a coal mine. getting coal out of the ground is a daily part of life in that part of the country. it appears disaster has struck the mining industry once again. ron allen has been following this story since the first word of possible loss of life and miners trapped underground. >> reporter: it is difficult to tell exactly what has happened. an explosion in a coal mine can be a difficult and deathly situation. 21 miners are unaccounted for. a mine run by the performance coal company. the explosion happened around 3:30 eastern time. emergency crews and state investigators are racing to the scene to figure out exactly what has happened. families of the miners are also certainly hoping for the best possible news and fearing the worst and gathering for word about the situation. coal mines like this one in west virginia tend to be in close-nit communities where generations of families have worked the mines. it is unknown exactly how many are trapped, how
williams, thanks. >>> we turn to our coverage in west virginia and a bad setback for the families of four trapped miners. rescue teams went in just before 5:00 a.m. but they were turned back. our own tom costello is in naoma this evening with the very latest there. tom? >> reporter: good evening. they have been ventilating this mine around the clock, taking air samples every 15 minutes. they believe that those poisonous gas levels inside the mine are starting to drop again and hope to send the rescue teams back in some time this evening. with low clouds and rain moving in, four eight-man rescue teams ventured 4.5 miles into the mountain. after four hours, explosive gas levels in the mine started rising and commanders ordered them out. for rescuers, concern for fellow miners, total frustration. >> you can imagine hauling equipment for a long distance, getting out there, getting exactly where you need to be and then having to double-time back out because you find yourself in harm's way. >> reporter: experts continue to say the four missing miners could have only survived if they made it to
park, 75. annapolis is cooler at 63. westminster, 73. 72 at romney in west virginia. 64 at the hearing -- at mchenry. some very nice weather. here is the one disturbance with the thunderstorm in missouri and illinois. you can see the puffy clouds. the spring thunderstorms season is under way. the one cool front went through without much effect. it is offshore. high-pressure gives us a good day tomorrow. here is the next disturbance coming in. it cannot work with much moisture. moisture is limited. it does not look like a huge threat to our weather in the next couple of days. mostly cool overnight. 50 to 55, the overnight winds light and westerly. here is the system out to the west moving from the planes into the great lakes. the emphasis will probably be north of us. the key to our weather here is warm and sunny, maybe a shower to the north late in the day. 77 to 81 is the high. that is 5 degrees warmer than it was today. south wins, 5 deale 10 knots. -- south winds, 5 to 10 knots. but temperatures may be a little cooler than inland. here is our insta-weather futurecast. at 6:00, here
.org. >>> you're looking at the scene in west virginia today. memorial wreaths and a moment of silence for the 29 miners killed a week ago now in the explosion of the upper big branch mine. federal investigators have arrived on the scene but won't go into that mine until all of the miners' bodies have been removed from it. >>> the state department said today it is sending a delegation to russia to clarify any changes to adoption rules after an american mother sent her adopted son on a flight back to russia all by himself. the case has caused outrage in russia and here at home in shelbiville, tennessee where the family lives. our own ron allen is there tonight with the latest on this case. >> reporter: a swing set and toys at tori hansen's home, a mother yet to explain why she put her 7-year-old son on a flight to russia where according to care takers has shown no sign he is violent as hansen claimed. >> i show from medical personnel that all mental and physical conditions are good. >> reporter: the emotional behavior hansen says she feared does not surprise some doctors who work with i
times greater than non-chinese samples. for renters like the lane family in newport news, virginia, it's an easy decision. >> it's just best for us to move on. >> reporter: but it's not so easy for homeowners like the sanches or schultz family of new orleans. their homes were among tens of thousands during the housing boom and the '05 post-hurricane reconstruction frenzy that used chinese drywall when other sources ran out. now despite a growing anecdotal collection of health threats, there's been no proven report between chinese drywall and health problems. but the damage to the house is real and the recommended fix dramatic. to replace all possible problem drywall, electrical components and wiring, gas service piping and sprinkler systems. in other words, to essentially gut the house if chinese drywall was used. average cost over six figures. there's tough talk about who pays. >> the deep pockets of the chinese government are going to have to make all of these poor homeowners whole. >> reporter: but saying it won't make it so. and class action lawsuits that have now been filed in at
. mainly mid and high 50s across the area. drizzle drops across the west virginia panhandle. also a lot of light rain now up alongside the chesapeake bay. that's about it. several more dry hours to come. if you're making your plans to go outside no heavy rain in the immediate forecast. these moderate rain showers in eastern kentucky, those are coming in our direction. look at these power house lines of severe weather now across central tennessee. here is memphis and nashville. that is a severe line of thunderstorms there. more severe weather across birmingham into northern parts of georgia. there's a lot of action down to our south. all that lift and energy in the atmosphere is coming our way tomorrow. we won't see a widespread severe weather outbreak tomorrow, but there will be showers around. there is a risk of a strong to perhaps severe thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. we'll keep you posted on that. you'll notice the change tomorrow. this area of warm front is going to lift on through. temperatures tomorrow will soar into the mid 70s for a brief time tomorrow before showers and thund
handed down a decision involving animal rights, videotape and the first amendment. a virginia man sold videos of pit bulls in violent dog fights. they were made overseas, he says, where dog fighting is legal. he was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison under a federal law that banned depictions of animal cruelty, but by a vote of 8-1, the supreme court today struck down that law saying it was so broad, it violated the constitution's guarantee of free expression. supreme court justice john paul stevens turned 90 today. he's already said this will be his last term on the court. only oliver wendell holmes was an older, active justice. a letter justice stevens received from the president today said his service to his country has been remarkable. >>> when our broadcast continues here on a tuesday night, new information on the link between two big dietary staples in this country and heart disease and two big dietary staples in this country and heart disease and what we can do about it. to y. guess what? he's got his hand in your wallet. he makes money on gas. you lose money on gas
in the recent disaster in west virginia that killed 29 miners. the inspectors say they found several serious safety violations at all three mines. massey agrees there were some violations and it has fired several employees, but the company disputes some of the government's other findings. >>> also today, the nation's top mine safety officer told congress he will start going to court to shut down mines that regularly violate safety rules. >>> when our broadcast continues in just a moment, the women of walmart. their lawsuit to level the playing field and what it might mean for millions of other women. [ male announcer ] bobby sinclair. trugreen's taught me a lot. like how every lawn is different. some people want a place to play... others, a place to chill. yo, b. but i've learned from trugreen if you treat every lawn special, the sky's the limit. i'm gonna go public next summer. what's crackin, baby?! bobby! [ male announcer ] call 877-trugreen and get a customized plan for a healthy, green lawn, guaranteed. best lesson i've learned? mow on sunny days. lawn's looking good, bobby. my pleasure
of presidents treated him as their friend. he grew up under harsh segregation in virginia. in his retirement years he live a quiet life in suburban, washington. about a year ago with a marine escort by his side, he had tears in his eyes during president obama's inauguration. eugene allen was 90 years old. >>> it was an emotional homecoming last night for one of america's many military families. 10-year-old henry dinee was part of a flag ceremony before a washington capitals hockey game. when he came off the ice he was stunned to see his dad just home from iraq. colonel rick dinee had been with the air national guard on a six-month deployment. >>> when we come back, making a difference. trouble never sleeps. but sometimes, allstate agents have to. they're only human. but don't worry. the good hands are always available, day and night, by phone and online. good night. take care. ♪ >>> on this friday night it's time for our "making a difference" report. during this season of graduation and change, tonight a woman who is smoothing what can be a tough transition for young people fresh out of hi
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)

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